Smart Metering & Planning in the Spa

The objective of the task: to make dynamic energy data from the entire spa complex available to the auditor in order to streamline the economy and to have possibilities of financing from cost-saving measures.

Project parameters

  • 500 m radius of the spa complex
  • 144 measuring points located from the basement to the roof
  • 6 objects for monitoring the consumption of electricity, water, gas, heat, humidity, temperature, pipe temperature as well as the attendance (the existing system)

Object coverage:
IoT devices → 1 outdoor GateWay → LoraWAN for wireless data collection with a cycle from 5 minutes.

Integrated gauges into the eIoT platform: Danfoss, Elster a Sensus.

Additional benefits:

  • „real-time“ status monitoring;
  • detection of leaks, errors and undesirable conditions (anomalies);
  • clear graphs and charts with a possibility to use them for further accounting;
  • management of real estate, property, documentation and their maintenance (optional);
  • obtaining other benefits that can be proposed by conducting data analysis;
  • integration of data into various information systems by exporting them or directly via API.

Visualization of measured and monitored data is secured via  online web interface

Project’s cost-saving measures:

  • reducing the daily maximum amount of gas
  • reducing the maximum reserved capacity
  • streamlining  the heating circuit of mineral baths
  • increasing the boiler’s room efficiency

Project’s partners